Tim Franklin CFP® CKA® CWS® AIF®

Senior Wealth Advisor

Tim has had the privilege of serving people his entire life.  Whether it was growing up in St. Joseph and delivering The News Gazette, mowing lawns, or scooping snow, his training in putting other’s needs above his own started long before stepping foot in the offices of Franklin Wealth Advisors, Inc (FWA, Inc).  Since joining the firm in April of 2004, Tim’s desire and ability to serve others has only increased.  He’s worked closely with his father, Ben, who is the managing director of FWA, Inc, on all aspects of financial planning, specializing in helping those near or currently in retirement.  As Tim often says:


Retirement is one of the most exciting and also one of the most challenging events to take place in a person’s life.  Having a personalized Financial Plan helps to put all of those “what-ifs” we have in regards to the future in their proper place.  Think of it like a putting a puzzle together.  Most people think the corner and edge pieces are the most important ones to get in place.  They’re certainly important, but I would suggest that the picture on the front of the box is actually the most critical to successfully completing the puzzle.  Like the picture on the front of the box, your Financial Plan helps to give us direction as we make progress towards the attainment of your goals and fulfillment of your dreams.    


In addition to serving those that are near or currently in retirement, Tim focuses on the needs of professionals who, like himself, have the distinct pleasure, and sometimes overwhelming challenge, of balancing a thriving work life with a growing family life.  Tim likes to put it this way:


        My wife and I have been blessed with five wonderful kiddos (& a sixth on the way!) and a very large extended family.  I’m also a third generation financial advisor in a family business that dates back to 1957, when my grandpa and Uncle George founded it.  To say that I’ve had a little practice with the ever-so-tricky work-life balance would be quite the understatement.  But it’s also not the whole picture.  When you have a family dependent on you, your level of preparation for things like college, guardianship, weddings, retirement, death, and disability become even more crucial.  Beyond the financial and legal requirements that must be in place, the relational capital with those closest to you is also a great area of focus for us.  From help in planning family retreats, an extended anniversary trip, or a weekend getaway with your spouse, your investment accounts shouldn’t be the only place you’re investing.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it”.


The third and final group that Tim has been called to serve is those that find themselves widowed or divorced.  In his own words, he says:


At one of the most trying times in a person’s life, they’re not only expected, but also required, to make decisions that have the potential to literally make or break their financial future as they know it.  Often times, we find that it can take a year, or longer, to be strong enough emotionally to make decisions of this magnitude.  The last thing they need is somebody trying to sell them some product or service that’s going to magically make all their problems/concerns/heartache disappear.  They need to be cared for and served by somebody who’s going to walk with them as they would their own mother or grandmother. My heart breaks for them, and I am continually humbled to be able to help such an incredible group of people.


In regards to excellence in education, Tim received the prestigious Finance Excellence Award, awarded to the top Senior Finance major from Eastern Illinois University, as well as graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Degree in Finance.  He obtained the CFP® certificate after passing the Certified Financial Planner exam.  He earned the CWS® designation and has also completed the Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ training. 

The CWS® designation ensures Tim’s ability to professionally, competently, and confidently work with the complex and unique issues of clients with a high net worth. With his Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ training, Tim has been educated and has committed to be a person of character who, from a biblical worldview, serves his clients with biblical financial advice enabling his clients to be the best stewards of the finances they have been entrusted with.


In regards to his wonderful family, Tim has been married to his beautiful wife Sarah since November of 2005 and they have five children here with them, TJ (Timothy Josiah), Abby, Caleb, Andy, Luke and one waiting for them in heaven.  Tim and his family enjoy road trips to the Gulf-side beaches of Florida and to visit family in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, as well as golfing, soccer, softball, board and card games, and watching old tv shows (I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, etc…).  Tim and Sarah are members of Grape Creek Baptist Church where Tim serves as a deacon and they are both very active in the children's class ministry.


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